May 27

Useful Scrapbook Add-ons

Scrapbooking suppliesHaving a basic set of tools and supplies to unleash your scrapbooking imagination is essential. But to take it to the next level it’s very helpful to have a number of other inexpensive supplements. There’s nothing wrong with having a plain heritage scrapbook filled with photos that bring back wonderful memories. But if you want to jazz it up, think about some things to help you.

One way to enhance your scrapbook is to add embellishments. They make it easier to develop a theme and add decorative design elements at the same time.

Suppose you have a holiday-themed scrapbook, or even just a page or two. It’s Halloween and you want to dress up your scrapbook for the occasion. Grab some embellishments with small spider web, witch or pumpkin graphics. Stick them on and you’re there. Or, go for some traditional Christmas tree, miniature menorah or ornament embellishments at yuletide.

You can add meaningful text with a selection from die-cut quote stacks. These pithy phrases will help you convey that special sentiment you haven’t quite managed to write from your own pen.

There are many other decorative elements you could choose. Colorful ribbons with designs to match any theme you have in mind are easy to find. Miniature alphabets in paper or plastic can be used to record baby’s first word or just for fun. Dozens of different sizes and font styles are available.

Chalks and rub-ons are a wonderful tool to add just that right look. With chalks and a chalking tool you can add a dash of color that is unique to your scrapbook. Rub-ons can be anything from a great looking logo to define your theme to a simple set of unforgettable words that add eloquence to every page.

But even elements meant to be purely practical can add a great design boost. Simple things like brass brads to hold pages together can add color. They can be etched with small scrollwork to add a little zest to the album. Eyelets, too, come in a variety of materials, sizes and colors. They help protect page holes preventing them from falling out. They can also be used to attach shoestrings, medals or a dozen other small items to a page. At the same time they add a tiny but noticeable bit of design to the overall look.

Page protectors are always useful. They can be plain, clear plastic to let the page design show through. Or, they can add an artistic element all their own.

Edged with thin black wavy lines they’ll give a contemporary look that brings visual excitement. Or they can provide a 19th-century Victorian look for a heritage album. They can have square cut-outs that allow photos to show through with a protector made of translucent plastic that gives a softer look.

Photo corners can be plain and utilitarian or add a decorative element all on their own. Since you’ll be stocking your scrapbook with dozens or hundreds of photos, the look is important. Fortunately, your choices are practically unlimited.

Get a wide array of scrapbook add-ons and turn a plain ‘accounting’ book that simply records events into a work of art that defines your life.

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