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Scrapbooking Techniques

Scrapbooking Buttons

Scrapbooking Buttons

Choosing cardstock can be a technique in itself. There are hundreds of possible choices that go well beyond what color to pick. You could, for example, have a page filled with one inch square-sized photos. But create a great peek-a-boo door effect by choosing cardstock that allows you to create one inch square flaps to cover some or all of them. You could even ‘lock’ the ‘doors’ with tiny pieces of string or metal hooks.

Using die cuts is a tried and true technique. These machine-made pieces of paper or plastic can sport logos, quotes and all sorts of design elements. Or you can hand cut and make your own, tailored to your personal style.

Expand the idea to the entire page by picking patterned paper. You can use the entire page as background, or cut out a pattern to make a decorative border. The colors and patterns you can choose are unlimited. A hippy-dippy tie-dyed kaleidoscope is one option. Or you can go with a Victorian pattern perfect for that heritage scrapbook.

You can glue ribbon across a page or use it to surround a treasured photograph. Ribbons add color and texture to a two-dimensional display. You can even sew or stitch on elements of your own making. If you’re handy with a needle and thread or yarn you can add a decorative design that shows off your talent.

Or go the other way and remove parts of the page. Creative punching allows you to make cut-out shapes that add zip. Fold the paper over and use a heart-shaped punch to make a perfect Valentine’s Day page in a holiday-themed scrapbook. You can place photos, drawings or text behind the cut-outs that will show through.

Crop those photos or drawings in creative ways. Make a copy of any original photo so you can always go back and crop a different way. Then select parts of the photo that feature one person or eliminate distracting backgrounds.

Add embossing to build up the page with color and design. Embossing can be done in any color with designs that are limited only by your imagination. Sprinkle embossing powder of just the right color then heat it onto the page to make it permanent.

Get some personalized stamps and individualize your page. A stamp can contain your signature, your seal or family crest. It can be a great looking logo or a quote that touches and inspires. In short, anything!

Turn your pages into pocket pages. You can buy pre-made pockets that will hold love letters, poems, lockets, photos or a hundred other items. Or, make your own and give them the look you want. Make them into triangles or ovals for something a little different.

Use all the techniques then invent some new ones!

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