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Scrapbooking – Basic Supplies to Get Started

Scrapbooking suppliesOne of the great things about scrapbooking is how inexpensive it is to get started. All you need are a few basic supplies that don’t cost much. Unless you do all your scrapbooking digital style (on the computer), you’ll need something to store all your memories in. So, the first requirement is a good album.

You can go with any size that suits your fancy. Two standard sizes are 8 1/2 in x 11 in and 12 in x 12 in, but you could go with 11 in x 14 in for those larger photos. Even larger albums are available if you want to make a really special gift for yourself or a cherished friend or relative. A basic 8 1/2 x 11 album will go for around $10 and a 12 in x 12 in album is usually less than $20.

Don’t worry about finding paper and other supplies if you go larger. Paper comes in every size from 1 in x 1 in Post-It notes to 2 feet x 3 feet or larger. Art stores are a good second alternative if you can’t find just what you want in the scrapbooking section. And all sizes come in all sorts of colors and designs. Your imagination is the only limit, not the materials available.

You’ll need something to cut and trim the paper, so a sharp pair of scissors and an Xacto knife are really helpful. A sturdy paper trimmer is always helpful for those who aren’t very steady with scissors or knife.

Remember, you don’t always cut exactly straight lines or 90 degree angles, though. Sometimes you may want to create a round page, a hexagonal page or some other shape to go with your design. Sometimes interesting items call for an equally interesting background. A good stencil or template will help there.

Part of that design will usually be hand written or drawn, words and illustrations. So, you’ll need some good pens and pencils. A range of colors is helpful. Start with basic black and expand as your needs grow. Green on red paper or red on green paper is great for Christmas, but don’t forget about all the other holidays. And, also, as far as a scrapbook is concerned, every day might be a holiday.

You’ll need some adhesive to attach photos, locks of hair, buttons, ribbons, poems on cards or paper…. In short, anything you might want to put into your scrapbook! Old-fashioned small bottles of paper glue with a small brush in the top still work well, provided you get the acid-free type. But take advantage of technology advances and get yourself a glue stick, glue dots or double-sided tape for those small, quick additions.

If you like to create on the computer, you’ll want to experiment with different kinds of paper for printouts. But you’ll also want to invest in some CDs and recording or CD burning software. That way you can easily record the baby’s first word or a favorite piece of music. You can store the CD in the scrapbook or just make it part of your overall scrapbooking collection.

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