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How to Make Glycerin Soap

Learn How to Make Beautiful Glycerin Soap Bars for Holiday Gifts Using a Simple Glycerin Soap Base

Glycerin Soap

Glycerin Soap

I simply adore making soap and I think you will get hooked once you learn how to make glycerin soap. This is, in my opinion, the easiest soap of all for beginners and I tend to use this soap for making seasonal gifts for family and friends.

I know it’s a little early to be thinking of Christmas, but this type of soap is so easy to prepare and make ahead of Christmas, as it will last anywhere between 1 to 2 years if left unopened and you can have great fun adding Christmas smells and sparkle to your soaps well before the Christmas rush starts.

Before I teach you how to make glycerin soap, let me just run through some of the ingredients you are going to need. A lot of the ingredients can be found at local craft stores or, if you prefer, you can get just about everything online at any of the many soap supplies sites. When choosing your soap base you have several options to choose from. There is clear glycerin base, opaque (white) glycerin base, goats soap base and aloe vera, to name just a few. Clear soap is perfect for adding sparkles to and bright colors, whilst the goats soap base is ideal for moisturizing skin. You will also need some soap molds (again there is a huge choice) and some colorants that are liquid soap approved plus some essential oils.

When making Christmas soaps I think cinnamon,clove, and ginger essential oils all smell wonderful and Christmas-sy but really it is all down to personal taste. You may also want to purchase some additives such as body glitter, cocoa butter, oatmeal, and dried botanicals. Finally, rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle is handy, although not essential, for removing any bubbles in your poured soap base.

As I said earlier, learning how to make glycerin soap is simple. You need to start off with a clutter free table, covered with a protective cloth, and also have your choice of clean soap molds ready and close to hand.

If you are making all one type of soap, with the same color and smell then you can make one large batch but if you are making several variations, then you will have to make several different batches.

Glycerin Soap


  • Glycerin soap base
  • Soap coloring
  • Fragrance oils
  • Soap molds
  • Additives as desired


Break off the amount of glycerin soap base that your recipe calls for and break it into small pieces that will make melting easier. Place the diced soap into a glass dish and put into the microwave. Proper melting of the soap is very important, so to begin with start melting in 30 second increments, stirring with a spoon after every 30 seconds.

Once your soap is completely melted and there are no chunks remaining, it is ready for its additives. Add the color first, starting with one or two drops and stirring well until you reach the desired color. Now is the time to add some lovely Christmas-sy smells! Start with a small amount of fragrance, adding a little at a time. You want a nice aroma but at the same time you don’t want to overpower the recipient.

Once you have finished added the fragrance, you can add any other additives such as glitter, botanicals or oatmeal, if you are making an exfoliating soap.

Give your soap a final stir making sure you stir slowly so as not to create any excess bubbles which will show up on the base of the soap.

The last step is to pour your soap mix into your molds, taking care not to overfill as this will mar the appearance of your soaps and make it difficult to get them out of the molds. Now is the time that you can spritz any bubbles with the use of a very small amount of rubbing alcohol.

Now leave the soaps to cool and do not move them for at least a couple of hours whilst they are in this liquid state.

Leave the soaps for 24 hours and then they should be ready to unmold.

Glycerin soaps need to be protected from prolonged exposure to the air so you need to wrap them. You can either place them in plastic bags bought at your craft shop or wrap them yourself with plastic food wrap. Make sure you keep the wrap tight and seal it with a piece of tape.

Then all that’s left to do is label them with a pretty label or tie a piece of Christmas ribbon around the bag with a gift tag.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to make glycerin soap and now you need some more recipes.

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