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Crafts for Kids

Looking for some fun & easy craft projects to do with the kids?  Then have a look at these fun, easy, and educational children’s craft ideas to do at home:

Easy Crafts For Kids

Little People made from pipe cleaners

Little People made from pipe cleaners

There are some really easy crafts for kids. All they need are a few supplies like pipe cleaners, construction paper, toothpicks, macaroni and a few craft supplies.

Here is a list of some kids crafts that they will enjoy. Just let them use their creativity.

Pipe cleaner people Use different colored pipe cleaners and bend and twist them into shapes. They can make people, animals, buildings and whatever they can imagine. This is great when you have more than one child and they can make up a whole zoo or whatever they want to make.

You can either save them and put them on a cork board or set on a shelve or just untwist them so that they can be used again. This child’s craft can keep them busy and entertained.

Macaroni Necklaces This craft goes back many years but the kids never get tired of making them. Just string colored macaroni onto lengths of yarn. If your macaroni is not colored then let the kids paint them.

Paint with spongesYou can buy sponge figures or else make your own. Get some cheap sponges and cut them into any kind of shape you like. You can make triangles, circles, stars, half moons, or even animal shapes. Let the kids dip them into paint and press them onto paper. The long rolls of paper or construction paper are really nice for this craft.

Make your own puppets You can buy sheets of foam and any craft store. Cut out dogs, butterflies, snakes, fish or anything that the kids like. Glue them onto popsicle sticks or tongue depressors and then they can make their own puppet show.

Toothpick art This has been around for a long time and the schools even use to use it. You can use either miniature marshmallows or gumdrops and toothpicks. Insert the toothpicks into the gumdrops or marshmallows. Just keep adding marshmallows to make any shape they want. They can make buildings or bridges and any kind of shapes, like a star, or hexagon and make then as elaborate as they want.

Paper chains We use to do this one when we were kids. Cut strips of construction paper and either glue or staple them into circles. When you have one circle done, put another strip through and glue it. Just keep adding circles until you have it as long as you want it. A red and white chain looks very nice for Christmas, or you can use red and green. The kids loving doing this chain. They can even decorate the strips with paint or sparkles.

Headbands Cut construction paper into strips and make one to fit the child’s head. Then they can glue anything on them like feathers, buttons, ribbons made into bows, or any scraps of material. They could use the sponges from the craft above to decorate their head band.


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Science Crafts For Kids

Beluga Whales - make your own mini ocean and teach your kids about marine life at the same time.

Beluga Whales – make your own mini ocean and teach your kids about marine life at the same time.

Do you struggle with getting kids interested and actively participating in learning? If so, you should try using science crafts for kids to get engage them. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to help your kids create these projects. There are thousands of science crafts and experiments out there, and most are simple to do. Here are some easy science crafts for kids that will get you started:

Mini Ocean

Fill a clean and de-labeled two litter bottle half way to the top with tap water. Mix in a few drops of blue food coloring. Add tiny plastic fish, sharks, octopus, eels, dolphins, sea shells, etc.Now, finish filling to the rim with mineral oil. You may want to use a funnel. Seal the lid on with a hot glue gun (you need to do this for the child.) Use this to teach small children about marine life. Older kids can learn why oil and water do not mix.

Stick Compass

Teach your kids how to always know their directions. Using a straight tree branch or wooden dowel (needs to be 2-3 ft tall), burrow a small hole in the dirt. Insert the stick in the hole. This creates a shadow. Make a reference point at the end of the shadow. After 20 minutes there will be a different shadow. Again, mark that shadow as a reference point. When you mark a line between the references points, you will have a West to East compass. West is at the first reference point and East is the second reference point.

Sponge Plant Anatomy

Soak a porous sponge in water. Then, roll the sponge in any small flower seed. You may want to push any stragglers in the holes. Hang it in a window that gets a lot of direct sunlight. In a few days the seeds will begin to sprout. Transfer to a pot and teach the child the anatomy of the flowers as they grow.


Combine a cup of water with a cup of corn starch. Mix until it isn’t lumpy anymore. Separate the mix into different containers and color with food coloring. Don’t just let them use the standard colors. Teach them how to combine the colors to make other colors. For example: blue and yellow make green. For different consistencies-you can boil the water first, or use a 2 part corn starch: one part water ratio.

Solar S’mores

Staple two pieces of dark black poster board together, forming one long piece. Use aluminum foil to cover the poster board. Form a cone shape from the poster board. Staple together, so the form stays, but it is open at each end. Use another sheet of black poster board to line a cardboard box. Place the cone inside of the box, with the widest end pointing upwards. Place a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow between two gram cracker and insert into a sandwich bag. Place the bag into the center of the cone. In twenty minutes you have solar s’mores. Use science crafts for kids like this one as the perfect opportunity to explain solar energy.

Remember, an intrigued child is always willing to learn. The ideas that encompass science crafts for kids are endless.


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Kids’ Craft Ideas – Growing Your Own Balloon Garden

balloonsCrafts will always be a very important teaching tool for anyone teaching little kids. Kids learn best by “doing.” Homeschoolers and especially Unschoolers can use this balloon craft as part of a biology lesson. This is a wonderful kids’ craft idea, that is fun and easy to do and also a great first lesson about plants. This craft use balloons so watch the little ones, while you are doing this craft, to prevent suffocation!

All you need for this kids’ craft idea is a medium or large sized, clear balloon, a little earth and water, some seeds, a small funnel and a piece of string. Radish seeds work well, but you could use almost any seeds that are easy to grow.

Kid’s Craft Ideas Step by Step – How to make your first balloon garden

1. Don’t blow your balloon up yet! Put the mouth of the balloon over the funnel and hold it firmly in place (this is where an extra pair of adult hands comes in useful!) Tip in around a ½ cup of earth – enough to almost fill the deflated balloon.

2. Now gradually add water, via the funnel again, until the earth is wet through. Don’t put too much water in or it will all just turn to mud and start overflowing!

3. Dry your funnel, then add your final ingredients, the seeds, into the balloon, still holding it firmly in its upside down position.

4. Still holding the balloon upside down, so that you don’t get a mouthful of dirt, carefully blow it up.

5. Tightly make a knot in the top of the balloon, then tie your string around it and use the string to hook the balloon garden up near a window or other well-lit place.

Making balloon gardens is a fun thing to do at birthday parties, and will keep the kids occupied and happy for ages – as long as you don’t mind the mess! On a summer’s day, it’s best done in the backyard.

Balloon gardens also make lovely gifts, the children can make them for an adult friend or relative and the recipient will be delighted – especially when they hang the balloon garden up and it grows green and lush.

Grandmothers and grandfathers especially love this kid’s craft idea – either to do with the kids (especially a granddad who is a gardening enthusiast) or just to receive a balloon garden craft as a gift. They will love that the kids will want to keep coming back to visit them and seeing how their balloon garden is growing.

When the balloon garden slowly dies off, it is a good opportunity to explain to your kids about the cycle of life, and to help them make a new balloon garden! Use this opportunity to teach them a variety of facts about nature, not only the cycle of life. Plants need water, fresh air, good soil etc. to grow. You can also work a lesson about seasons into this craft.

Enjoy your “Balloon Craft.”


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Many of the kids crafts can be used for science lessons and many of the easy science fair projects will actually make fun kids crafts.

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3 Simple Kid Craft Projects – Nature Crafts For Kids

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers

Crafting with kids doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. With a bit of creativity and inspiration, you can make a lot of fun kid craft projects out of pretty much nothing. Many craft supplies you can be found in nature. For example, Instead of buying stamps, you can replicate similar result by using everyday objects in the kitchen or the outdoors. You can create intricate shapes by cutting a potato in half and scooping out some of the center. You can also use rocks and leaves to create patterns and transfer them onto greeting cards, bookmarks, bed sheets and more. To celebrate the end of summer and welcome the fall season, here are three simple kid craft projects using objects found in nature.

Pressed Flower Picture Nature Craft

Gather the flowers. Press them between sheets of hardcover books. When the flowers are ready to be used (after about 2-3 weeks), take a piece of stock paper and gently glue the flower petals onto the paper. You and your kids can create pictures by arranging the flower petals in desired pattern.

Beach Treasure Pendant Nature Craft

Collect some beach glasses or pebbles. Take a beading wire (about 1 foot long). Wind the wire all the way around the beach glass or pebble. Experiment with how you wire to create different results. Create a loop with the wire so you can make a necklace or bracelet by stringing a piece of ribbon or chain.

Leafy Print Nature Craft

Take a leaf and brush the underside with paint. Place the painted leaf over a piece of paper or cloth, paint side down. Cover the whole area with paper tower and press hard against it for a few seconds. Lift the paper tower and gently peel the away. Repeat until you have created a pattern with your leafy print. This method can be used to make greeting cards or to decorate a plain grocery tote.


Edda Shea is the author of Kid Craft Project  – a website for people who enjoy crafting with their kids. Edda is a lifelong crafts enthusiast and enjoys making natural crafts for kids.

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