Aug 15

Combining Scrapbook Text and Photos In Creative Ways

scrapbookingAlmost every scrapbook will contain a combination of text and drawings or photos. After all, the whole purpose of a scrapbook is to capture your experiences and memories for all time. One of the most common ways we do that is to record words and images. There is an infinite number of ways to do that to express your unique creativity.

Many scrapbookers will write descriptions under photos. But even simple text recording the date and location doesn’t have to be plain. You can dress it up by using an interesting font. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have the skill to create one, there are hundreds you can buy. Or, you can find one on the Internet, print it out and paste it under the photo.

Now that you’ve got your creative juices warmed up, you can take your scrapbook to the next level.

Images always bring to mind more than just what’s shown in the photo or drawing. They bring all sorts of associations with them. Those bring more memories to mind, and those in turn still more. Use that to spice up your text in both content and form.

Turn a simple phrase into a work of art by enlarging it, splitting the sentence in half, turning it upside down, coloring it, moving some words above or below the others, separating them off…. The possibilities are endless. But be clever and do more than just alter them at random. Let the associations those images bring to mind guide you.

A photo of a snow-capped mountain from a winter vacation may bring to mind two levels, separated by the snow line. Shape your sentence into a triangle and color the words on top in white, while those below are soft greens and browns. An image of delightful deer bouncing through a forest suggests movement. Let your words dance by running them up, down, up, down on top of the picture.

Make a window page, with photos covered by small square flaps that reveal or cover the photo as you want. Then place your text on the outside to give a preview or on the inside to label the photo.

Now go 3-D. Many scrapbooks are two dimensional and the creativity they display within those boundaries is amazing. But use that third direction to bring your scrapbook to a whole new level.

Scrapbook cubes are a great way to get started loosening up those limitations in your thinking. Make a photo cube by cropping photos and placing them on a cube made of plastic, cardboard or metal. You can make your own or buy just the size you want.

Paste the photos on the cube, then use text to describe and decorate. Simple phrases can be placed above or below the photos, just as you would on a scrapbook page. But how about taking advantage of that third dimension and laying them on the edge? They can stream out along a ribbon or lay across a corner.

There’s only one limit to the way you can creatively combine photos and text in your scrapbook: your imagination.

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