Nov 15

Christmas Craft Ornaments: Painted Ornaments

Christmas BallI love Christmas, so much so that I usually put up two trees in my home every year. The first tree is an artificial tree that I purchased years ago when I was living in an apartment. It isn’t the prettiest tree but it is so nice to put up a tree a few weeks early and fill it with all the little ornaments that I have collected for it.

The second tree, and the one that Santa hides all the Christmas presents under is the real tree that we purchase somewhere around the second week of December. This is the tree where all of the special ornaments go; the ones that were given as gifts or the ones that were made by hand.

The handmade Christmas ornaments are always the important ones to me. The tree could be completely bare except for those simple handmade ornaments and I would find it to be the most beautiful trees in the world.

If you love Christmas ornaments, especially ones that are made by hand, then you have come to the perfect place. This craft can be done by people of all ages from infants right up to adults. It is fast, easy and leaves you with beautiful ornaments to use throughout the holiday season.

What you need:

• Clear Glass Ornament Bulbs: You can purchase these at any craft store. They are completely plain and clear and come in all different shapes and sizes. I find round works best but you don’t need to use just round.
• Liquid Tempura Paint: Choose Christmassy colors. My favorite to use is blue, white and silver or straight white and silver but play around.
• Egg Carton: This is for drying
• Ornament hooks: You can also use gold string for hanging.
• Optional: Ribbon


1. Remove the tops from all the ornaments (the metal part that the hook attaches to). If you are doing this craft with young children, purchase clear plastic ornaments instead or have constant supervision.
2. Choose your colors of tempura paint and squeeze a small amount into the glass bulb.
3. Swirl the paint around the inside until the ornament is completely coated.
4. Place into an egg carton upside down so the excess paint drains from the ornament. Repeat if you are doing more than one ornament.
5. Finish off with the hanging hook and ribbon if you are using it. Simply tie the ribbon around the top of the ornament.

Optional: You can turn your ornament into a snowman by painting on a face and using felt to make a scarf and earmuffs. Finish with the hanging hook.

After the ornaments are dry, you can hang them on your tree or use them for decorating your home.

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