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Christmas Craft Materials

Christmas decorationChristmas crafts are a wonderful way to share the holiday spirit with loved ones. They are a perfect way to involve children, parents, grandparents, siblings and even friends in making special gifts for the holiday season. After all, I think the best gifts are homemade ones! Also, making these crafts can be a lot fun. I like to gather friends and family, serve apple cider and cocoa, play Christmas movies and make crafts. It is a wonderful holiday tradition my friends and family have been doing for now.

A popular Christmas craft material would be felt. Felt is a basic necessity in several different kinds of crafts. It can be used in everything from ornaments to making stockings. Another great thing about felt is it is very inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors! There is not a shortage of Christmas craft fun that can be achieved through the use of felt. It is perfect for making crafts with kids too, as they can cut the fabric with the utmost ease.

Another great vessel for making fun yuletide crafts would be beads. Beads and other pretty and sparkly embellishments are wonderful for decorating ornaments, stockings, door hangings and more. I love to make simple Christmas balls using pretty beads to decorate them. Also, if using felt to make a stocking I love to use beads for extra embellishment. Every year I like to make a felt stocking for a local child or pet in the neighborhood. I then pack the stocking with candy for kids, or bones for dogs, and take it to the family.

Glitter is also a great item for making Christmas crafts. Again, this is perfect for making Christmas ball ornaments. You can buy simple glass balls and roll them in various shades of glitter. This is perfect for entertaining the children. If glass is an issue craft stores will also sell a variety of plastic and other kid-friendly ornaments for decorating.

However, I have to say my favorite Christmas craft materials are the edible kind! I love to make gingerbread houses first and foremost. After purchasing a house you can pick up frosting, sprinkles and edible garnish that children will love to make! Another great idea for some edible crafts is to make edible Christmas trees. All you need is a foam cone, and some individually wrapped candies. You simply pin the candies on the trees and you have a wonderful edible Christmas craft!

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