Category: Quilting

Jul 10

Patchwork Quilts – My Passion

Patchwork Quilts are formed the same as any quilt with three layers; the top sheet, a layer of batting and a layer of backing material and then they are hand or machine stitched together to form a quilt. The unique and beautiful thing about patchwork quilts is the top layer. Various small shapes and colors …

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Jul 04

Quilting – A Long History

Happy 4th of July! Quilting has played an interesting role in America’s history as well as ancient history.  Read on to find out where quilting started and how it played a major role in American history. Quilting – A Long History Quilting is an art that has been around for a very long time. It …

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Oct 24

How to Begin Patchwork

In patchwork, otherwise known as piecing, small pieces of fabric are sewn together to create a decorative design. This can be done either by hand or by using a sewing machine. It is only possible to use a sewing machine for stitching together certain shapes like squares and rectangles. Sewing by hand is more popular …

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