Category: Paper Crafts

Jul 10

How to Paper Mache

Paper Mache comes from the french word Papier-mache which means chewed paper. I realize that thinking of paper mache as being chewed paper doesn’t sound very appealing but it’s pretty amazing what you can do with it and you really don’t have to chew the paper. It’s true definition is a composite material which consists …

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May 10

Origami Art

There are a lot of unique and interesting crafts and art forms for people to do and enjoy. One that I find truly amazing is origami. Imagine starting with a flat sheet of paper and with a few folds and sculpting, end up with a crane, star, bull or hundreds of other incredible creations. It’s …

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May 01

Crafty Recipes: Paper Mache

I love, I mean LOVE, Paper Mache but unfortunately, my kids do not feel the same. For some reason, they act like paper mache paste is an acid that once it gets on their skin it will begin to burn. I’m not sure why this is but the same kids that hate the feeling of …

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Mar 25

Japanese Craft Ideas: The Basics of Origami Folds

The first time I ever experienced Origami was in grade 4 when my teacher invited her good friend to come in and teach the class the art of paper folding.  If I remember correctly, we all did very well and by the end of the two weeks of lessons we could competently create a ball, …

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