Category: Knitting

Jan 22

5 Knitting Accessories You Need to Have

With knitting being a very popular hobby in many countries around the world, there is a huge number of retailers all offering various thicknesses of knitting yarn, along with a variety of knitting accessories that are claimed to be more or less essential for various projects. Knitting Bag One of the first accessories that will …

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Jul 10

Differences Between Crocheting and Knitting

Knitting and crocheting both have similar definitions in the dictionary which is a method in which thread or yarn may be turned into cloth or other fine crafts. Although they have similar definitions in the dictionary and can both produce beautiful results there are differences. Crochet Crochet derives from a French word meaning hook and …

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Oct 18

How to Choose the Right Sock Yarn

Of all the knitting projects in the world, one of most the timeless and practical ones is the humble pair of socks. Great as gifts for all the men in your household, or as a cosy treat for yourself throughout the winter months, there are many reasons why you should be knitting your own instead …

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