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Bible Story Crafts

Are you looking for bible crafts to do at home with the kids or at Sunday school? These projects are a great way to bring those stories to life!

Story time with a mother and her daughter

Moses Parts The Sea Bible Craft

Our Bible Story Crafts for Kids is an ideal way to introduce the kids to all the truths in the Bible. These Bible story crafts for kids are also great fun for the kids and they love learning all the well know Bible stories in the Bible this way. This craft “Moses Parts the Sea” is a little unusual and it may take a little more prep on the teacher’s side but it is well worth the trouble.

Moses parts the see egg shell mosaic craft.

What you need for this Bible story craft for kids:

  • Egg shells
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • A piece of corrugated cardboard to make your mosaic on
  • Thick white glue
  • As many bowls as colors you intend using
  • Pencils (one for each kid)
  • Vinegar
  • A newspaper
  • Miniature figurines to serve as Moses and the Israelites (You can also draw them on cardboard, color them and make them stand with little pieces of clay. This can even be a craft the previous week, say when you are doing the ten plagues.)

Prep for the teacher:

  1. A little ahead of the time you will have to ask all your friends to save all the egg shells from eggs they use. Rinse them clean and keep them in the fridge until you need them.
  2. Mix water and food coloring in your bowls (remember you will need a lot of blue for the sea)
  3. Add a teaspoon or two of vinegar to each bowl of color, depending on the amount of coloring.
  4. Put the egg shells in the water and leave them overnight.
  5. Take the shells out of the water and let them dry on a newspaper. You are now ready to do the craft with the kids.

How to do the craft:

  1. Divide the kids in the class; let some draw the path in the middle of your piece of cardboard that will become the dry land the Israelites are going to walk on. Another group can draw some fish etc. that will be in the sea on the one side and the others on the other side.
  2. Keep quite a bit of large, blue shells to make the “wall” of water on both sides.
  3. With the others you fill in your mosaic as follows: apply some glue onto the pictures on the cardboard and stick the egg shells on, using the desired colors. Use the blue for the sea and the other colors to make the fish etc. in the sea. Break the egg shells into smaller pieces if necessary to fill in smaller pictures.
  4. In the middle place a second layer of the large, blue egg shells to form the “wall” of water.
  5. Place the figurines on the “dry path” and your craft is completed.
  6. Plan ahead of time to have a small table or other area where it can be put on display, the kids will want to look at it for quite a while.

This Bible Story Craft for Kids is great fun and a little unusual. It is one of our Bible Story Crafts for Kids that even the smallest pre-school kids can do very easily, while the older kids can attempt a more elaborate mosaic according to their age and abilities.

Moses Parts The Sea Bible Story Card Craft

This craft is one of our bible story crafts where each kid makes their own individual card. Previously we have had an egg shell mosaic where the kids did one craft in a group. Now we are going to make cards that the kids can take home. It can be done to supplement the previous craft or it can be used on its own. Making crafts that they can take home is always a big thrill for the kids. This one is very easy yet very effective.

Bible Reading: Ex. 14:21 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and GOD, with a terrific east wind all night long, made the sea go back. He made the sea dry ground. The seawaters split.

What you need for this craft:

  • White paper cut into 4″ X 8″ strips
  • Pencil
  • Coloring pencils
  • Felt tipped pen

What you have to do:

  1. Make folds into the strips of paper, dividing it into three equal parts.
  2. On the middle part draw the sand and perhaps a few fish gaping on the dry land to make it clear that the dry path was sea seconds ago.
  3. On the two outside part, draw the sea and sea life.
  4. Color in your picture, the dry sand brown and the sea, blue with the colored fish.
  5. Write the verse on the bottom in the middle of the strip of paper.
  6. Now you fold the left side to the middle, covering the dry land. The second fold you have to make is to take this outside piece and fold it from the middle out again, now it only covers half of the dry land and the water scene you drew on it can be seen.
  7. Do the same with the right hand side.
  8. Your drawing of the dry land should now be covered from both sides.
  9. To symbolize the parting of the sea, pull on both sides to open your picture, now you can see the dry land in the middle and the sea on both sides.

Individual Creation Cards

This is one of our bible story crafts where each kid makes their own individual bible story craft. It is a simple craft and the idea is to supplement another creation craft. The craft is supposed to act as a reminder for the kids to look at everyday. If the craft is for older kids that can write, they write the bible verse on it themselves. For the smaller ones the teacher will have to write the bible verse on the cards. In that case, if you have a large class, get help!

Bible Verse: Gen 1:31 “God looked over everything he had made; it was so good, so very good! It was evening; it was morning– Day Six.”

This is what you need for this craft:

  • Paper plates
  • Paper doilies, the same size as the paper plates
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • String
  • Color pencils
  • Felt tipped pens
  • Scissors

Teacher’s Prep:

  1. From the white paper, cut out circles that will fit into the inside of the paper plates.
  2. If your class consists of small kids, write the bible verse in a circle on the outside of this circle of paper.
  3. Draw pictures on the inside of this circle depicting the six days of creation, i.e. draw the sun and the birds flying in one part, on another part you draw the garden, in another the see and in another the moon and stars etc. The best way of doing this is to do one and to make photo copies. If the children are older, they can do the drawings themselves.

How to do this craft:

  1. The first thing the bigger children can do is to write the verse on the white papers.
  2. Now they can do the picture on the white papers.
  3. Let the kids color in the pictures on the white papers.
  4. Glue the paper doily on the inside of the paper plate.
  5. Glue the drawings onto the inside of the paper plates on top of the doily.
  6. Make a hole in the paper plate and tie a piece of string through the hole for the kids to hang up the plate with.

Now every kid has his or her card to memorize this very important Bible verse with. I think this is a very important point to remember about Bible Story Crafts For Kids, it must serve a purpose. The craft must enhance the story and make the kids remember the lesson. We must make very sure that the craft does not become a goal in itself but, the craft must always support the lesson.

An Invitation To A Wedding Bible School Craft

This is one of our bible school crafts that the kids love doing and it is great fun. The kids make a “Wedding Invitation” card with the invitation on the one side of the card and the Bible verse on the other side. Our “Invitation To A Wedding” craft is for the kids that are a little older and who knows what a wedding invitation looks like, and that are able to write the invitations as well as the bible verse at the back.

The Bible Verse: Joh. 2:11 This act in Cana of Galilee was the first sign Jesus gave, the first glimpse of his glory. And his disciples believed in him.

What you need for this bible school craft:

  • Good quality paper to cut the cards from
  • Thick glue
  • Paint brush to brush the glue on with
  • Different colors confetti
  • Black felt tipped pens
  • A ruler
  • A pencil

What you will need for variation one:

  • Small pictures of flowers
  • Small pictures of wedding bells

What you will need for variation two:

  • Good quality glossy paint
  • Paint brushes

How to do this craft:

  1. Cut cards from the poster paper to the size of a large wedding invitation card.
  2. Draw a broad border with the pencil and ruler around the one side of the card.
  3. Write an invitation to a wedding in the middle of the card on the side that you drew the border on.
  4. Write the bible verse on the other side of the card.
  5. Paint the border that you drew with the tick glue and sprinkle the confetti on to completely caver the border.
  6. Leave the card to dry for at least an hour.


  1. In stead of the confetti the border can also be made “collage” style with small pictures of flowers and wedding bells cut from magazines.
  2. Another variation, if the kids are older and a little more artistic, is for the kids to decorate the border by painting a decorative design on it.

This bible school craft is one of the bible school crafts that give the kids something really beautiful to take home as a keepsake. It might be a good idea to make a decorated box at the beginning of the school, for the kids to keep all the crafts in that they want to keep for taking home.

Garden Of Eden Bible Crafts

This bible story crafts for kids to make can also be called “The Creation Craft.” The main purpose of Bible crafts for kids are to reinforce the Bible lesson. This is a crafts suitable for kids of all ages. The little kids will need help though, so be sure to have a few helpers on hand. In this bible story craft for kids we are going to plant a garden in a bottle to represent God’s creation. The craft can be preceded by a reading of Genesis 1: 1 – 2: 3 and then the kids can be encouraged to partake in the making of a garden in a bottle. If the group is large it will be best to let the kids make more than one garden.

Afterwards they can take turns to give the garden a good spray every week. This will reinforce the lesson and we can also include a short lesson on the importance of caring for God’s creation as He instructed us in Gen 2:15: “God took the Man and set him down in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it in order.”

What you need for this bible craft:

  • First you need to get hold of a large jar with it’s lid, the kind that you’ll probably be able to get from a restaurant, make sure the opening is big enough to fit your hand in
  • Some pebbles
  • Potting soil from your garden center
  • Small plants such as moss and ferns, you’ll also be able to get these from your garden center
  • Loose pieces of bark if you can find them (please do not tear them from a tree as this damages the tree!)
  • A large spoon
  • A spray bottle with water

Teacher’s Prep:

  • Wash the bottle and make sure it is completely clean.
  • Prepare a suitable work area for the kids so as to prevent them from making too much of a mess.
  • Make preparations for them to be able to wash their hands after the lesson.

How to do this Bible Story Craft:

  1. Cover the bottom of the bottle with the pebbles.
  2. Now spoon in the potting soil.
  3. Decide on the arrangement of your plants and bark and carefully plant them in the bottle. Remember that plants need space to grow, so do not plant them too close to each other. Take your time with this, work carefully and make sure not to damage your precious plants.
  4. Now you give the garden a good spray and cover the bottle with the lid. The lid will keep the moisture in but, it will still be necessary to give the garden a spray at least once a week.

This easy Bible Story Craft is one of many easy Bible Story Crafts For Kids To Make that help you teach children all the well know and well loved bible stories. Kids learn best by doing and if the craft is fun, the lesson will stick. I hope the kids will enjoy doing this easy Bible Story Craft.

Light of the World Kids Craft

Children will enjoy the connection made in this craft between the loving glow of candlelight and the Light that it symbolizes. This is one of the really popular Bible Story Crafts for Kids because it is about God’s light and it is reminding the children that they too have this light and to let it shine. Candles aren’t always among the easy kids crafts, but this one is an easy to make candle holder. And children will be so proud of making their own lights to shine.

The memory verse from the Sermon on the Mount can be added to the candle as well: “Ye are the light of the world…Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

The “salt of the Earth” from the scripture lesson may also be tied into this craft with the glitter symbolizing the salt. Scripture: Matthew 5

Supplies for each Candle

  • Small to medium, wide mouthed jar such as a baby food or salsa jar
  • White glitter
  • Gift-wrap, tissue paper (assorted colors)
  • White craft glue
  • Small piece of sponge (around 1/2 to 1 inch square)
  • Clothespin
  • Tea candle or votive candle (depending on size of jar)
  • Ribbon


Cut ribbons for each of the children’s candles. Write the memory verse, or the beginning of it “Ye are the Light of the World,” on the ribbon where it can be read after tied around the neck of the jar. Set aside, so children can add them after their candles are completed.


  1. Tear or cut small pieces of the tissue paper.
  2. Since the glue will be used with a decoupage sort of technique, thin it first by mixing in a plastic cup (such as a yogurt container) with a little water.
  3. Clip the piece of sponge with a clothespin.
  4. Using the “sponge brush,” cover the outside of the jar with the thinned glue.
  5. Before glue dries, cover this with bits of colored tissue paper. Keep the tissue paper layering thin so that the light shines through well.
  6. While the tissue paper is still wet with the glue, roll the jar in a plate of glitter. Salt could be used instead, but in areas of high humidity it may eventually dissolve.
  7. Add the candle, light and enjoy. Or send the children home to light the candles with their families.

Caterpillar & Butterfly Activities – Kids Bible Story Crafts

The metamorphosis of the caterpillar to butterfly has symbolized rebirth for ages,
everlasting life and being born again through Christ, which makes these Easy Kids Bible Story Crafts ideal for Sunday School, homeschoolers or other groups looking for kids Bible crafts or other Bible lessons. This craft could accompany a story such as the wonderful picture book classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (this book also has beautiful collage pictures that can inspire other projects).

In this fanciful book the caterpillar eats all kinds of foods, including a cherry pie, so you may also want to read a short non-fiction picture book to the kids. After all, in real life caterpillars are very selective about what they eat.

Then you can make a comparison to the how the leaves of the right sort of plant nourishes the caterpillar so that it may become a butterfly, just as Jesus’ teachings nourish our spirit so that we may be reborn in the heavenly kingdom. There are many wonderful analogies you can find between the lowly caterpillar’s metamorphoses into a beautiful creature of flight.

Below you will find a butterfly craft and tips on growing butterfly gardens.


o Wooden spring type clothespin

o Green pom-poms (4 medium sized)

o White school glue

o Pipe cleaner

o White paper

o Outline of butterfly wings

o Markers, crayons or paint

Teacher Prep

Most young children will need a template for their butterfly wings. You can create one by drawing a pair of wings on a piece of paper and photocopying one for each child.


1. Glue pom-poms onto one side of clothespin.

2. Form antennas with a piece of pipe cleaner

3. Twist antennas onto the end of the clothespin that doesn’t close

4. Set aside to dry.

5. Color or paint the butterfly wings.

6. Cut out the wings.

7. Transform the caterpillar into a butterfly by clipping on the wings with the clothespin!

Butterfly Gardens

Children love to watch butterflies, and if you create a butterfly garden, they may also have the opportunity to observe the caterpillars and cocoons.

To grow a butterfly garden, you will need to grow plants that provide nectar, places for the butterflies to lay eggs, food plants for the caterpillars (the larva) and places for them to form the chrysalises (cocoons).

Here are some tips for designing your butterfly garden:

1. Grow nectar-producing plants in sunny areas because adult butterflies rarely feed in the shade.

2. Butterflies and many caterpillars are finicky eaters. Consult a regional field guide to find out which species of butterflies prefer which plants.

3. Plant dense clusters of small flowers such as zinnias, milkweeds, verbenas, and many mint family plants are favored by many butterfly species.

4. Do not use insecticides or pesticides.

5. Design your garden so that blossoms are clustered together by type of plant and also in monochromatic, big splashes of color. This makes it easier for the butterflies to see and catch the scent of the blossoms.

6. Choose plants with tubular flowers or flat-topped blossoms, which make better landing strips and feeding stations. Choose easier to sip from single flowers rather than doubles (the ones with extra petals).

7. Since butterflies are active from early spring until late fall, plant accordingly, and include annuals and perennials.

8. Include plants in the butterfly garden that provide food for caterpillars and that are attractive to female butterflies looking for places to lay eggs.

9. Maintain favorite “watering holes”: damp areas and/or shallow puddles.

10. Include plenty places in your butterfly garden for basking. Since butterflies can’t fly when their bodies temperatures are below 70 F, they often bask in the sun on stones, bare soil or vegetation.

11. Last but not least, create your butterfly garden in a way that makes it easy for you and the children to enjoy, perhaps by including a swing bench in the garden, or bringing the garden to you by planting near a deck or pond.

The Good Shepherd Craft & Game

This adorable sheep is one of our Easy Bible Story Crafts for Kids for kindergarten, first grade and second grade. Creating and displaying this cute, fluffy sheep reinforces the Scripture that tells us Jesus watches over us and calls us, like a good shepherd calls his sheep.

This is one of our Kids Bible Crafts that is complimented by a game. The craft and game help children to remember the verses: “I am the good shepherd. I know each of My sheep by name, and My sheep know Me.” “Those who come through Me will be saved. They will have everything they need.” Scripture: John 10:1-21


  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Cotton balls (30 to 40)
  • 4 Q-Tips
  • Elmer’s School Glue
  • White tissue paper
  • Brown pipe cleaner (only if a ram)
  • Clear tape
  • Disposable container (such as a margarine container)
  • Black construction paper
  • Paper punch or scissors


  1. For support, stuff paper (any kind) inside the toilet paper roll, leaving about an inch empty from the end.
  2. Create the sheep’s legs by taping the Q-tips to toilet paper roll.
  3. Create the sheep’s head by scrunching up some tissue paper and stuffing part of it into the end of the roll.
  4. Pour a little glue into the container.
  5. To add the sheep’s wool, dip cotton balls into the glue and press onto the cardboard roll. Once it is covered, add another layer or more until the sheep is nice and wooly.
  6. Create the eyes with a paper puncher and the construction paper. Use glue to adhere to the front of the sheep’s tissue paper face.
  7. For a ram, do Steps 1-6 and then add horns, which are made by twisting pipe cleaner into two curly cues and attaching with glue.
  8. Allow to dry.

Displaying the Sheep

Before children bring their sheep home, you may want to create a classroom display:

  1. Begin with a tray of wheat grass you’ve grown and trimmed short or Easter basket grass spread out evenly.
  2. Add shepherd or Jesus figurine or paper doll.
  3. Invite children to add their sheep to assemble the flock around the shepherd!

Stray Sheep Game

This tag game is sort of a classroom version of the backyard pool game, Marco Polo. The child playing the stranger is blindfolded and stands in the center of the circle. The others are the sheep and wander around the inside of the circle.

The blindfolded stranger tries to tag the sheep. When calling “Sheep!” the others must reply with “Baa-baa.” The first sheep tagged takes the place of the stranger. This game reinforces the lesson that just like the sheep we should only answer to our Good Shepherd.

Noah’s Ark Classroom Mural

Many of our Free Bible Story Crafts For Kids encourage cooperation or sharing, but the Noah’s Ark mural requires real teamwork. One of our favorites, the mural illustrates the Ark and features the animals God sent to Noah to protect. A rainbow over Noah’s Ark and all the colorful animals reminds children of God’s promise.

This is a rewarding and fun art project for a kindergarten, first or second grade Sunday School class or a homeschooling family or group to create together. If your group is large, consider making murals in small groups. You may end up with 2, 3 or 4 murals, but it will be easier for the kids to collaborate this way.

Noah’s Ark crafts are usually sure hits with little ones because for one, it’s a great story with a happy ending, and for another – the animals!

Since Noah’s floating zoo mural is a group project, “teacher’s prep” takes on a new meaning. If you’ve taught young children for long, you know how good planning can make the difference between fun and pandemonium!

On a similar note, allow more than one class period to complete the Noah’s Ark mural. If possible, divide up this Bible lesson of obedience, faith and God’s promise so that the craft steps coincide with the parts covered that day.

Bible Story Crafts For Kids Supplies

  • Roll of butcher paper (newsprint could also be used but butcher paper is stronger and white instead of brown)
  • Markers and/or paints
  • Painting smocks/old shirt
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pictures of animals (nature and kids magazines as well as coloring pages printed from the computer are good resources)
  • Tape

Round up the Animals!

Children can color in animals on coloring pages and search through magazines, cutting out pictures. Some of the kids may want to draw their own on the mural, which will add a nice touch of originality.

To create pairs of animals when only one animal picture was found: Photocopy singles and then color.

To add Noah and his family, color pages from a Noah’s Ark coloring book and cut out.

Teacher Prep

Spread out the butcher paper and tape to the floor. Or tape to the wall at a comfortable height for the children.

Draw the ark, which will take up most of the mural. Leave room for the rainbow above and water below. Prepare for the animals by drawing several, good-size windows and plenty of deck space and/or large plank.

Completing the Mural – All Hands on Deck!

  1. To begin, assign individuals or small groups various parts of the Ark to paint or color.
  2. Have children arrange their animal pairs on the Ark (no glue yet), experimenting with various locations.
  3. Once it’s decided where the animals will go, leave them in place so it’s not forgotten, picking up just to apply glue.
  4. Add Noah and his family.
  5. Talk the kids about rainbows and the colors a rainbow has. Then have them add the rainbow. If using paints, they’ll probably need to let one color dry before adding another one so they don’t run together.
  6. Add the water by painting blue waves.
  7. Discuss any details that may be added, such as a sun or a memory verse.
  8. The only thing left to do is for the artists to sign the mural and invite their others to take a look!

Crafty Variation

If you have lots of time set aside to spend on Noah’s Ark, the kids could glue large, craft sticks onto the Ark. The craft sticks will resemble the planks that we see in many of the pictures of the Ark. Memory verses that relate to this story of can be written on some of the craft sticks.

Creation Story Paper Mache

One of our Bible Story Crafts, this paper maché globe illustrates the Creation story. Fun, Kids Bible Crafts such as this easy to make paper maché activity, help make Scripture and Bible lesson more memorable because children often learn best with hands on or visual experiences. Also, as educators know, when there is a pleasant association with a lesson, it is more likely to be remembered. This Bible Story Craft illustrates the seven days of Creation and is suitable for the K-2 group, while older children may enjoy helping the little ones and even making their own.

Supplies for Creation Bible Story Craft

  • Paper maché Globe*. Children can have fun making these ahead of time. They will be decorated in this Bible Craft. When doing the maché, remember to have one side of the globe light (sky blue or white) and one side night (midnight blue or black).
  • Magazine Pictures
  • Photo of child (around wallet size)
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Stickers
  • Cotton Balls
  • Craft glue

Creation Story Paper Maché Directions

  1. These steps correspond to the sequential 7 Days of Creation. You may want to read each verse and write them on the blackboard or handouts before the children move from step to step.
  2. God created day and night: Bring paper maché globes and decorative items to the table.
  3. God created the sky: Add white puffy clouds, using white paint and cotton balls or any of the other decorative items. If the daylight side of the globe is white, paint a blue sky first.
  4. God separated the land from the waters and planted it with trees, grasses and flowers: Create these elements with magazines pictures, paint, markers and/or stickers.
  5. God made the sun, moon and stars: Add these items using decorative items of choice. Glow in the dark stars would be fun. Some kids really like having fun with this and getting creative, such as adding sunglasses to the sun or a smile to the moon; others will be more into a pretty or a realistic look.
  6. God created the birds and the fish: Stickers and magazine pictures make this step super easy for younger ones who don’t have the fine motor skills yet for drawing birds and fish. But do encourage them to know that perfection is not the goal here. Some will want to use fat markers to make a few birds and fish, while others will want to make schools and fish and flocks of birds with nests and everything. Encourage individuality but remind them to save room for the rest of the animals and their photos.
  7. God created the rest of the animals and made the first people (just like God made you!): Magazine pictures and stickers will really come in handy now for kids not into drawing. And, then add their photos.
  8. God rested, looked at everything he made, and said it was good: Now the kids can admire their creations. Hang the globes up to dry, and allow the children to stroll around to enjoy what their classmates have created..
  9. This is one of those Bible Story Crafts that you’ll want to leave on display for parents and other visitors to enjoy as well before sending home with the kids to display in their own homes.

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