Apr 27

All About Scrapbook Adhesives

scrapbookingYou could use old-fashioned rubber cement for your scrapbook. If you do, look for ones that are acid free. But you might want to take advantage of newer technology to save mess and get convenience. There are many types of adhesive and dispensers available. They’ll make attaching your memories to scrapbook pages easy and secure.

One key point has already been mentioned: make sure the adhesive is acid-free. Scrapbook items are meant to be kept for years, even generations. Even archival quality paper can endure only if there’s no acid to eat away at it. That acid can be in the paper itself, the glue or even (in very small quantities) the air. Minimize it and your scrapbook can last practically forever.

Adhesive comes in all forms today.

Glue sticks are quick and convenient but the cheaper ones might contain glue that turns brittle over the years. That will lead to items falling out that need to be re-glued. Sometimes they’ll fall out at the worst time and get damaged. Invest in good glue.

Foam squares are a great form of adhesive for photos, small paper items and other scrapbooking material. They’re thicker than paper, so they’ll give a layered effect. They come in sheets so you can separate off one foam square or a strip or a larger square as you need to. They’re really great at holding heavier items in place, too.

Glue dots are another type of adhesive that every scrapbooker will want in the tool kit. They’re similar to double-sided tape in that they adhere to the page and the item. They can bond vellum, transparencies, embellishments and so much more. They’re transparent themselves so only the item will be highlighted, not the adhesive.

Double-sided tape performs a similar service and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and strengths. Some double-sided tape allows you to hold a lightweight item in place firmly, but will release it with a firm tug. That way you can move, rearrange or replace anything you need.

These work great for photos. You may want to take a snapshot out for copying, or to have it enlarged. With double-sided tape you can remove the picture without damaging the back then put it back into the scrapbook later. Photo squares or corner pockets perform this function well, too, but they’re a little more time consuming to place.

Get a variety of convenient dispensers that will place glue dots, single or double-sided tape, and a number of other adhesive forms. For those larger jobs, such as glueing a piece of vellum on, consider a spray can of quality, acid-free glue. At the same time, pick up some of the decorative tapes and adhesive ribbons that fit in some of them. Add some style to your scrapbook as you place your items securely and safely.

Last, but not least, check out some adhesive removers. They, too, come in convenient and safe forms. They’ll allow you to unglue many items for substitution and rearranging. After all, your scrapbook may be permanent, but your design doesn’t have to be!

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